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Don’t Be Afraid To Buy Used Appliances

This is a great little article over on Heavenly Homemakers. It’s a couple of years old but so very much relevant. You can save a ton of money purchasing good used appliances. Give this blog a read – it’s short and sweet. Great info.

Hayes Appliance

Over the weekend, within about one hour, both our washing machine and our dishwasher quit working. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Matt was able to fix the dishwasher himself. But the washing machine? Well, it was many years old, on its last leg, and a bungee cord was the only thing that had kept it from falling apart since June 2012. Matt gave it a good shot, trying to keep it alive just a little bit longer, but in the end, he met me with the question, “You ready to go shopping for a new washing machine?” Read the entire blog post here

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